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About Me

Hi there, I’m Wei Xiang — yes, that’s my first name. I’m ethnically Chinese, so there’re two ‘words’ in my first name. But I wasn’t born in China. I’m Malaysian. My friends have called me Philokid. That’s because philosophy students are very (very) rare in Asia.

If it helps, I’m…

Why are most Asian societies having a hard time justifying liberalism?

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In the past few decades, many Asian societies are fighting their own government against allegedly tyranny and suppression against individual liberty. Most involve the fight for a version of the First Amendment. Most demanded some form of freedom of speech and expression.

Hong Kong made headlines in 2019 in its…

On the moral duties towards the unvaccinated, or the lack thereof

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Let’s imagine:

Two people infected with covid-19 are competing for the last spot in the intensive care unit. We can’t be sure if either of them would survive without intensive care. One of them is fully vaccinated. Though fully capable of being vaccinated, the other decided not to (one could…

The problem with escapism and the death of imagination

One of the many hilarious scenes of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou. Image accessed here.

Imagine yourself finishing up a day’s work after dinner. It’s 9 pm, and you’re mentally drained. In your mid-20’s, you manage a part-time job while juggling schoolwork. Your life is terribly thrown off balance. You lack a healthy social life and are still single, desperately craving an intimate and genuine…

How films turn from mere documentary to an industry that murders imagination.

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Films murder imagination.

Ironic if you think about it. Aren’t films a hallmark of the human imagination? Don’t they illustrate, most vividly, the imagination of the individual? When we watch a film, don’t we get evocative insights into the minds of its creators?

In this essay, I want to challenge…

On moral double standards, tolerance, and the demands for “objectivity.”

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A man kidnaps, rapes, and murders young girls. He even casually revisits their corpses and has intercourse with them until they completely decompose. Then, he finds fresh meat.

We have no problem labeling the appalling acts and behavior of Ted Bundy morally wrong. When someone says, “Ted, you’ve committed heinous…

Wei Xiang

I was once asked about the origins of the universe. So, here I am doing philosophy. Ethics | Intellectual History | Chinese Comparative Philosophy

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