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  • Mark Brux

    Mark Brux

    All propositions are provisional (i. e., non-normative), pending their empirical verification.

  • Lachlan R. Dale

    Lachlan R. Dale

    A human male exploring religion, philosophy and literature in a rather amateurish fashion.

  • Dan Brioli

    Dan Brioli

    Let me know what you think.

  • Sara Waller, PhD

    Sara Waller, PhD

    philosopher, animal communication researcher, psychedelics enthusiast, cat lover, communist, passionate about TV writing for social change.

  • Sinoperi


    Philosophy student. I primarily write about philosophical topics concerning life, science, history, society, politics, and critical thinking. Come along!

  • Bryan W. Van Norden

    Bryan W. Van Norden

    Bryan W. Van Norden is James Monroe Taylor Chair in Philosophy at Vassar College (USA). Opinions are his own. His website is http://www.bryanvannorden.com/.

  • Frank Moone

    Frank Moone

    I like cultural criticism, classics, long novels, philosophy, poetry (esp. modernism) and plays. I’ve been in rock bands since the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan.

  • Oneg In The Arctic

    Oneg In The Arctic

    Arctic Dreamer. Forest Breather. I write about my experiences living in the North with a side of fiction short stories.

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