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  • Harry Seitz

    Harry Seitz

    Writer and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

  • Jesse Franklin

    Jesse Franklin

  • Hermes Solenzol

    Hermes Solenzol

    UCLA professor. Neuroscientist doing research on pain. Writes about science, philosophy, politics and kinky sex.

  • Samantha Drobac

    Samantha Drobac

    Writing from Austin, TX. IG @cupofsam — Truth is momentary.

  • Nick James

    Nick James

    Philosophy enthusiast who spends his time daydreaming about whether to take the blue pill or the red pill.

  • Jason C., PhD

    Jason C., PhD

    A philosopher trying to improve people’s critical thinking skills.

  • Prudence Louise

    Prudence Louise

    Writing about things that interest me. Which means I’m probably writing about philosophy, religion or spirituality.

  • Mark Brux

    Mark Brux

    All propositions are provisional (i. e., non-normative), pending their empirical verification.

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