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By ‘logic’, I think you mean ‘consciousness’ or ‘awareness’. That is, how we define and understand work.

Graeber’s book actually talks about bullshit jobs, rather than every jobs. But we’ll always have some aspect of garbage in our work life.

You’re right, creativity and passion gets rewarded. But only through the the things they produce. That means the value of creativity and passion is tied to production, when it really shouldn’t.

Just think about it, if you need to spend 10 years to create the most awe-inspiring art piece. For those ten years, you’ll be miserable. Similarly, if your boss can produce millions of consumer products by asking you to actually make them. His ‘work’ will have value oftentimes more than yours— capitalism.

Graeber thinks we shouldn’t tie the value of our to production. Rather, it should be measured by how much we care about our work.

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