Hi Amanda, thanks for responding to my prompt! I’ve just finished my response to this question. I’ve argued otherwise.

Perhaps some questions to ponder on (I can’t help it as a philosopher):
1. Would you not say that whatever you goals are, big or small, have to do with happiness? It doesn’t have to your own happiness. You mention about your kids growing up safe and healthy. Isn’t that goal a pursuit of their happiness?

2. Yes, happiness is an emotion. But it’s also a state of being. Perhaps the more accurate concept you’re discussing is “pleasure.” Not only do we say, “I feel happy.” We also say, “I want to be happy.”

As such, we can make the distinction between pursuing pleasure and pursuing happiness.

Furthermore, does something being fleeting mean it’s not as important? You mentioned that happiness is a fleeting emotion that changes when circumstances changes. But does it make it unimportant (or less important) than something that isn’t as transient?

For instance, being full is a fleeting state of being. It takes only hours before one gets hungry. But that doesn’t mean being full isn’t an important state of being, does it? Claiming otherwise would mean having a filled stomach is not as important as we might think.

Anyways, some food for thoughts. Thanks for taking up the prompt, once again.

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