Hi Josh,

When David Graeber addresses the phenomenon of BS jobs, he also proposed UBI as a solution. Many are averted to the idea because we don't think fair that non-contributing members of society should deserve any pay - an idea which Graeber admits as "casualties."

Perhaps this idea is indeed "utopic" and "revolutionary." But I have a simpler solution: start paying people their due. Take my current situation for instance. I'm teaching for an establishment. Just a few days ago, I found out how much the company is leeching off my value. I was given 14% of what students pay the establishment. And what disgusts me is that my employer deliberately kept me in the dark all this while. I found out when a parent told me.

I can imagine how this is happening throughout the world. Where people in power create an epistemic curtain to blind good, hardworking people of their true value.

Furthermore, when I asked people if it's fair or right for me to charge my clients $100 and then hire someone else to do the job for $14, many think this fair (or not unfair.) This way of thinking, plus the perverse epistemic curtain is really the reason why no matter how hard people work and contribute to society, they never make it to the top.

We don't need something as extreme as UBI, we just need to value people as they are and fix our morals.

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