Hi Matt, timely concern. But if I may offer some critique.

First, I believe even the most liberal states will justify authoritarian acts under certain circumstances. This pandemic is certainly one dire circumstance. However, it's a mistake to conflate an authoritarian act with an authoritarian state. What you've described and observe are merely authoritarian acts taken by a putative liberal state. Just because certain institutions take authoritative acts once in a while doesn't make them ipso facto authoritative.

Second, I don’t think comparing these poorly thought-out policies with Nazism is accurate. Nazism is a whole regime involving a dominating ideology. The consequence was people being brainwashed into doing mindlessly evil things. What you've described here sounds more like poor planning and policy-making rather than a conscious attempt to dominate the masses with an ideology. Plus, Nazism wasn't a regime intended to be "good." It's corrupt from the outset.

Of course, I’m not excluding the possibility that powerful institutions and politicians are utilizing this pandemic as an opportunity to seize unilateral power over the masses. But it seems implausible at the moment. Perhaps it would be more accurate and practical to direct our criticisms to the policy-making processes, rather than the integrity of our institutions.

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