It’s a sad reality. I’ve long acknowledged that a huge part of our current global climate crisis lies with over population. It’s not just population growth, but population growth in poor countries. In short, we’re making too many poor human beings. We’re breeding poverty.

This is also one of the many reasons I advocate anti-natalism. When we’re procreating, we’re necessarily creating more sentient creatures to suffer. Of course, this extends to the leeching of nature’s resources.

Some argue that distribution can solve the problem. But it’s a two-pronged approach. Distribution can solve the problem if our population remains constant. But it doesn’t. If we’re serious about distribution, we’ll be giving off more and more to cater an increasingly larger population.

I think in the midst of so much global catastrophe, we should really think about population ethics. Unfortunately, many people dismiss it too quickly. Because it’s ‘disgusting’ to think about imposing ethical norms on procreation.

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