I’ve studied climate change for four years in high school. We always talk about the existing solutions. But one thing I agree with you the most is that the rich and powerful are the ones simultaneously responsible for causing climate change, and capable of solving it.

The irony lies here. This is like a justice system where only the criminals can convict crimes. People who genuinely care about social issues lack the power and authority to address it. People who have the power and authority to address it lack genuine care.

So, you’re right. Unless we have a fundamental cultural shift, we will never see the day climate change gets addressed. But some might argue that the rich and powerful have a unilateral control over ‘culture’. So we’re back at square one.

I don’t know. But when you mention how 10% of our population is responsible for most of our carbon emissions, I immediately think of Gladwell’s Million-dollar Murray story. In the end, we might be better off getting rid of the elite.

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