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About Me

Hi there, I’m Wei Xiang — yes, that’s my first name. I’m ethically Chinese, so there’re two ‘words’ in my first name. But I wasn’t born in China. I’m Malaysian. My friends have called me Philokid. That’s because philosophy students are very (very) rare in Asia.

If it helps, I’m an INTJ. In short, I offend people quite a lot, both with my eccentric ideas and behavior. It’s never my intention to offend, but I’ll find some way to do so — something I’m not proud of, of course.

I’m currently studying philosophy at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I’ve been studying in Singapore since I was 15. Before that, I had been studying in Chinese schools in Malaysia. Studying aside, I’m teaching Mathematics and English part-time.

My current research interests in philosophy include moral philosophy and Chinese comparative philosophy. In other words, I’m very interested in issues concerning what we should and shouldn’t do. I’m also interested in studying philosophies and histories across different cultures. It really challenges my perception of what’s “normal.”

I enjoy doing many things—too many, in fact. Obviously, I enjoy reading and writing. Other than that, I enjoy playing my piano and guitar, gaming, cooking, basketball, ping pong, and — recently — watching anime.

I really appreciate the exchange of ideas. Philosophy can only be done through feedback and critique. If my readers have any opinions, insights, or recommendations they wish to share, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I’d like to thank The Apeiron Blog and its editor, Jon Hawkins, for giving me a platform to share my ideas. I’d also like to thank History of Yesterday for being the host of my most popular article.

I was once asked about the origins of the universe. So, here I am doing philosophy. Ethics | Intellectual History | Chinese Comparative Philosophy

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