You have my interest, Joe. I look forward to see your formulation of an environment ethics and practical philosophy.

I do have one big sceptic in my head now. He's saying, "So what if we do have a 'central lifestyle philosophy'?" Indeed, having a coherent and cogent practical philosophy to guide us is necessary for a eco-movement. But it isn't sufficient.

Peter Singer, for instance, is famous for a similar movement. Though I have no idea what "mean wage movement" entails - I look forward to it, it does sound reminiscnet to the argument Singer made in "Famine, Affluence, and Morality." There he argued that if we have the capacity to donate to charity, we ought to. Admittedly, he made a very compelling case. Despite that, none of us are giving up our comfortable lifestyles to help others.

Nevertheless, I look forward in reading your chapters. I promise to be one of your critics as well!

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