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About Me

Hi there, I’m Wei Xiang — yes, that’s my first name. I’m ethnically Chinese, so there’re two ‘words’ in my first name. But I wasn’t born in China. I’m Malaysian. My friends have called me Philokid. That’s because philosophy students are very (very) rare in Asia.

If it helps, I’m…

Why are most Asian societies having a hard time justifying liberalism?

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In the past few decades, many Asian societies are fighting their own government against allegedly tyranny and suppression against individual liberty. Most involve the fight for a version of the First Amendment. Most demanded some form of freedom of speech and expression.

Hong Kong made headlines in 2019 in its…

On the curse of free speech and the deteriorating virtues of humility

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Out of all the fallacies we’ve heard of, “ad hominem” is perhaps the most well-known fallacy. Yet, many people still fall for it. I’ve had my fair share of ad hominems on Medium. I’m sure any seasoned writer here has faced them as well.

One of the “best” ad hominems…

What’s wrong if God is indeed the ground for objective moral truth?

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One of the many damning claims theists make against an atheistic moral philosophy is that atheism lacks an objective ground for moral values. For example, theist and moral philosopher William Craig writes:

… if atheism is true, objective moral values do not exist. If God does not exist, then what…

On moral sanctuary, adiaphorism, and justice

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I’m working part-time as a mathematics teacher for a private establishment. I’ve been with the establishment for almost a year now. I started out teaching primary school kids, and I’ve agreed to the rates they’re paying me. It’s not a lot (25%, to be exact), but from the start, I…

On “normal evil:” why do we grant certain actions and behaviors moral sanctuary?

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Normality is the most dangerous threat to morality.

This isn’t a totally unpalatable idea. In fact, I’d venture that it’s quite intuitive to many of us.

The argument is simple: if it’s normal for any person in a society to rape and murder anyone they so please, would that norm…

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Someone hired me to clean his house for $100. Instead of my doing it myself, I hired a cleaner to do the same job for $14. I deliberately hide how much I’m charging my clients from my employee. …

Is there a science of philosophy? Or is it just a well-refined revelation?

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The other day, I received a comment on one of my articles. The comment went along the line: philosophers are no different from flat-earthers; they argue without any appeal to evidence.

As exasperating as this sounds, it’s true.

However, there’s a huge difference between saying that we ignore or reject…

On moderate sentiments, violence, and humility

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Religious debates have gotten extremely political over the past few decades. Nowadays, they border on cultural and political taboos along with issues related to sex, gender, and politics. Like how we don’t go around asking people their political affiliations, we don’t usually go around asking people if they believe God…

How power makes us all stupid: on structural violence and slave morality

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We’re constantly surrounded by idiots.

It could be that prick who clogs up the fast lane during rush hour. It could be that nosy customer holding up the entire queue at Starbucks. It could also be that jerk who constantly puts words into our mouths.

Yet, our spontaneous response to…

Wei Xiang

I was once asked about the origins of the universe. So, here I am doing philosophy. Ethics | Intellectual History | Chinese Comparative Philosophy

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